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Badachu Holding Group pays close attention on new-type industry investing chance of new technology, new materials and new modes. It focuses on accelerating industry resources integration and structural upgrading, promoting synergetic development of every area to enhance the operating efficiency and the whole earnings of the enterprise.

Baojun Paint Limited Company, which affiliates to the Group devotes to providing high-tech water-based paint environmental products. With the policy trend and the growing of environmental paint market, it becomes inevitable industry developing trend that the water-based paint will take the place of oil-based paint. Baojun, which is one of the biggest water-based paint suppliers, possesses more than 70 patented technologies in area of container water-based environmental paint, petroleum and petrochemical water-based environmental anti-corrosive paint, shipping water-based environmental anti-corrosive paint. There are 120 products in company, including interior and exterior wall paint, carpentry paint, floor paint, fire retardant paint, waterproofing paint, steel structure anti-corrosive paint, petroleum and petrochemical paint and container paint. The products protrudes the environmental properties and the brilliant fire protection features. The products and patents of this company, which are widely used in field of building, heavy industry, petroleum, decoration, logistics and engineering, take part in the large-scale fire control coating project, such as LG, Sinopharm, HONDA, Taiyuan Airport and FAW.

Nano inorganic waterproof material produced by Baojun Waterproof Material Limited Company adopts advanced Nanotechnology and special material ingredient. It possesses the merits of environment protecting, innocuous, odorless, no emission, inorganic, resistance to heat and freezing, long-term resistance on high water pressure and hyperthermy, resistance to acid and alkali and well respiratory. The tested results of the product properties are completely accord with, and even exceed national standard. The products are widely used in the area of bridge, reservoir, dam, power station, port, wharf, drinking project, tunnel, sewage treatment plant, metro and underground engineering, as well as the dampproof, antiseep, waterproof of above-ground constructing project.

Baojun waterproof material works closely with the local government, army and enterprises. The products are involved in constructing the large-scale project of government, military and normal construction, such as office building of the General Logistics Department of PLA, the geological building of Beijing Geological Exploration Survey, the anti-seep govern of under-ground floor in Chengdu station, Gengda hydropower station in Sichuan Aba area. The quality of products has satisfied by construction side and the proprietor. At the same time, it gains the outstanding performance and good social and economic benefits.

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