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Badachu Holding Group gives responses to the government policy trends of promoting the implanting of social capital into education industry. It constructs strategic cooperation relations with top-ranking education institution such as Affiliated Middle School of Tsinghua, and Affiliated Primary School of Peking University. It devotes on the educational business that benefits both the country and the people with great enthusiastic, rigorous attitude, professional concept and pragmatic style. During “the 13th 5-year plan ”, the Group concentrates on setting up many international schools in Beijing and Hainan to realize the educational module development of scale, group and brand. According to the nurturing students to accepting multi-culture, it acquaints them with respecting different culture and belief. It cultivates students into cosmopolites, who possess profound Chinese cultural connotation, as well as the widely international view. It has created the famous nationwide K12 high-end international education brand. According to the capital operation, it realizes the capitalization of educational module, and promote the rapidly and prosperous development of the Group.

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